Home Unknown

Cheap City

Stompin' at the Swamp

Monday, October 12, 2020
Springfield, Mass

Cheap City is the exact type of band that I started Home Unknown for. Located in a small town in Massachusetts, Cheap City isn’t a band that’s easily discovered, but taking one listen to Stompin’ at the Swamp made me cheer out in happiness.

Stompin’ at the Swamp is such a weird, powerful, energetic, and dynamic song. The baseline that prevails through the song is like a snake crawling across your floor, trying to bite at your feet. The super intense vocals, which teeter on a breakdown, are like sitting at a preacher’s feet calling down Archangel Michael from the heavens to defend the world from sin.

I am so proud that this song starts off the new playlist additions. Long live independent music, and we’re grateful there’s so much amazing talent out there.